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Sevastopol aircraft plant
 Sevastopol Aircraft Plant (SAP) is a specialised aircraft repair enterprise, which carries out major overhaul, reequipment and modernisation of different types of helicopters, ground flight - operations support aids, communication and navigation facilities. The plant was founded on October 7, I929. For 70 years SAP is developed against an aviation shop to a modern plant with the necessary technical equipment.
Complex helicopter overhaul
 The main trend of the plant activity is the major overhaul of Ka-25, Ka-27, Mi-8, Mi-14 and Mi-17 helicopters all versions, its units and equipment. Modern equipment, unique indestructible monitoring means, high qualification of workers and engineers, advance technology, efficient organisation of production, regular co-operation with supplier factories allowed the plant to guarantee high quality and reliable operation of the entire world fleet of Mi-14 and Ka-25 type helicopters, and a notable part of all the Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters.
 All technological processes have been approved by Kamov and Mil Design Bureaus developers who carry out the technological accompaniment of helicopter major overhaul for the civil aviation at our enterprise.
  Тhe enterprise has a Certificate of the State Aviation Register of Ukraine for the right to carry out major overhaul and modernisation of all versions of Mi-8, Mi-8MT (Mi-17), Mi-8MTV(Mi-17-IV) of civil aviation helicopters.
  The major overhaul of Ml-2, Ка-29, Ka-32, Ml-24 and Ml-35 helicopters has been mastered at the enterprise.
Program for the conversion and modernisation of aircrafts
 Beginning from 1992 the enterprise has been actively implementing a conversion and modernisation program, which includes as follows:
  • reequipment of Mi-8, Mi-14 and Ка-25 combat helicopters into freight-passenger, firefighting and passenger versions;
  • installation of equipment at helicopters for international flights.
    Extending helicopters service life
     The enterprise is extending resources and service life of Mi and Ka type helicopters jointly with the Kamov and Mil Design Bureaus as well as the modernisation of helicopters in accordance with documents, approved by the General Designers of the Kamov and Mil Design Bureaus.
     The enterprise also carries out repair and servicing of helicopters and ground flight-operations support aids, communication and navigation facilities at basis of the Customer in accordance with documentation, approved by developing firms and provides necessary consultations, training of flight and maintenance personnel, complicated regulation and adjustment work.
    Major overhaul of ground flight-operations support aids, communication and navigation fasilities
     For more than three decades the enterprise has been repairing both stationary ground-based communication and navigation facilities as well as on vehicles:
  • R-832, R-839, R-844, R-845, R-848, PAR-8 and PAR-10 radio stations; ARP-6, APR-6U and ARP-11 direction finders;
  • CKP-9 and CKP-11 Air Traffic Control vehicles;
  • PRMG-4, RSP-7 and RSP-6 landing stations and their modifications;
  • АРА-5, АРА-35, АРА-5О(М), UPG-250, EGU-17/35, EGU-250, TZ-22 and TZ-7.5 flight-operations support stations;
  • all types of oil chargers and air and nitrogen chargers.
    Our co-operation

     High quality and exact fulfilment of all contractual obligations allowed the enterprise to establish mutually advantageous со-operation on the domestic market, with CIS countries as well as countries and private firms in Europe, the Near and Middle East, India, South-Eastern Asia and Africa.
      The favourable geographic location of the enterprise on the Black Sea coast, availability of special sea terminal equipment, developed infrastructure, proximity to a railroad junction, sea port, airfields and motor highways makes it possible to bring in for repair and convey the repaired aviation material to the customer by any type transport.

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